Welcome back to chapter two of our Disney Bachelor Challenge. Our first solo date challenge is about to begin. The girls will be competing in a yoga routine standoff. The first girl to successfully complete an Energy Centering Yoga Routine will be the winner!


Rapunzel was the first girl to develop an odor… and they aren’t even doing hot yoga!


She soon gave up…


Solo date or not… I’m going to shower!


Snow was the next girl out, followed quickly by Jasmine.


Ariel was the first to actually finish her routine and become Energized. She will be going our first solo date with Prince Charming!


Since Ariel loved sushi, Prince took her to this quaint little Japanese Restaurant at the edge of town.


The date was starting off very well… our contestants flirting up a storm.


Ariel loved her colorful sushi dish! Prince… not so much, the tentacles rising out of the bubbly rice was a little unappetizing.


The date went well and the contestants returned home and my computer decided to not cooperate with taking pictures and I missed the group date and the entire elimination…. Unfortunately the first princess was the Princess that was sent home. Bye bye Snow White!


After the elimination, Prince chatted up Merida, poolside while the other girls slept off their anxiety.


The next day, fun-levels were low so we had a dance party! Prince sure does love to dance.


It was time for our next solo date challenge. This time the girls would be trimming bonsai trees. The first one done will be the winner!


Cinderella was the first girl to win, not surprising since she loves gardening. She was followed closely by Belle, but we can only have one winner!


Prince seems quite taken with Cinderella. They got their first kiss and scored a gold on their date!


Once again, I missed the pictures of the group date and we are going straight into elimination. The contestants are dressed in their best and are anxious to get this over with.


No surprise here, Cinderella got the first rose and her place secured for another episode.


Ariel was safe as well as the second highest score.


Sultry Jasmine had third place.


Rapunzel was biting her nails, but she is also safe.


It was down to Belle and Merida. Belle’s sweet self was safe for another episode, although she better step-up her game.


Merida seems shocked that she will be going home. She thought things were going well, and indeed the Prince does like her, but not enough in THAT way…


Another portrait gone… four to go to find True Love. Until Next Time!




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