After our Bachelor show was over, Prince and Cinderella used their prize money to buy their dream house for their empty lot in Willow Creek. After purchasing their house, they had $1800 left in their account, but they couldn’t be happier to be with each other.

Prince got a job in the politician career and Ella decided she wanted to try her luck in the medical field.


Ella also had some happy news to share with Prince… they were going to have a baby! Prince couldn’t have been happier. He is a family man after all…


Since the couple couldn’t afford any furniture for their empty house, they set up camp in the back yard.


After their first night under the stars, Ella got up and made some cereal for her and her growing belly. She ate it by the remains of last night’s fire…. hopefully it isn’t as windy here and we don’t cause any stray embers to leap out of the pit.


Once Prince went to work, Ella decided to check our her new property and pick some flowers. Maybe I’ll try my hand/thumb at gardening! Ella thought.


After the welcome wagon was gone, Ella had a hot dog for lunch and went to check out the town of Willow Creek.


First stop was the library to check out some parenting books and to troll the parenting forums on the internet. Turns out she really needs to read those books as she got shamed by the other parents on the forums.


Once she returned home, there was a mysterious stranger at her front door… She gave him a funny greeting and went to bed.


There is nothing like roasting hot-dogs together for breakfast!


Ella’s due date is right around the corner and Prince can’t keep his hands off her belly.


They went out for dinner that night and ordered healthy green tea and roast chicken at a local eco-restaurant.

Ella grew bored while waiting for Prince to come out of the restroom, so she started drawing on her place-mat.


Once Prince returned her joined her! These two are adorable.


Once the meal arrived, they chatted while they ate. Ella scarfed hers down quickly! That little bundle of joy inside her made her very hungry.


We’ve got a baby arriving!! A panicking father and a nervous new mother arrived at the hospital to meet with the doctor.


The doctor didn’t seem very skilled with this machine…


Welcome to Charles Charming, the first of his name and defender-to-be of the Charming family!


Ella got right back on her feet to see her new child. Prince was a little concerned about the skin color…


Turns out it is just a flaw with a custom skin tone.

Ella got right back to work the next day, leaving Charles with his father. She couldn’t wait to tell her coworkers about her baby.


She seems to really like the medical field!


When her shift was over (she even stayed late!) she got promoted to Orderly! We can finally afford a real toilet and move some things inside!


The Charmings decided to celebrate the best way they knew how… in their new bed!


Prince got a promotion the next day and the family got to buy a stove! Ella practiced with mac & cheese.


She was a little more distracted than she should’ve been and didn’t make it to the bathroom in time…


Our little black bundle has aged into a toddler…


And after his makeover, made a huge mess in his room!


Yep! Looks like Ella is pregnant again!


Prince is such a family man. He has spent every free moment with Charles.


He is so happy that they were expecting again! Charles just wants the mac & cheese his mother has.


Look who has learned how to crawl down stairs!


Bathing a toddler can be messy… and wet.


An exhausted Ella is in labor again, off to the hospital!


A beautiful (dark) baby girl! We have our heir! (I am also removing some CC skins to fix this…)


After Ella came home from work after the hospital, she was greeted by a very happy, Charles.


That night, Ella and Prince fulfilled their soulmate aspiration by becoming best friends!


Our little heir, Snow Charming aged up into a toddler and got a makeover! What is it with makeovers and messes? She actually turned out to be very cute!


Until next chapter!



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