Disney Legacy

After our Bachelor show was over, Prince and Cinderella used their prize money to buy their dream house for their empty lot in Willow Creek. After purchasing their house, they had $1800 left in their account, but they couldn’t be happier to be with each other.

Prince got a job in the politician career and Ella decided she wanted to try her luck in the medical field.


Ella also had some happy news to share with Prince… they were going to have a baby! Prince couldn’t have been happier. He is a family man after all…


Since the couple couldn’t afford any furniture for their empty house, they set up camp in the back yard.


After their first night under the stars, Ella got up and made some cereal for her and her growing belly. She ate it by the remains of last night’s fire…. hopefully it isn’t as windy here and we don’t cause any stray embers to leap out of the pit.


Once Prince went to work, Ella decided to check our her new property and pick some flowers. Maybe I’ll try my hand/thumb at gardening! Ella thought.


After the welcome wagon was gone, Ella had a hot dog for lunch and went to check out the town of Willow Creek.


First stop was the library to check out some parenting books and to troll the parenting forums on the internet. Turns out she really needs to read those books as she got shamed by the other parents on the forums.


Once she returned home, there was a mysterious stranger at her front door… She gave him a funny greeting and went to bed.


There is nothing like roasting hot-dogs together for breakfast!


Ella’s due date is right around the corner and Prince can’t keep his hands off her belly.


They went out for dinner that night and ordered healthy green tea and roast chicken at a local eco-restaurant.

Ella grew bored while waiting for Prince to come out of the restroom, so she started drawing on her place-mat.


Once Prince returned her joined her! These two are adorable.


Once the meal arrived, they chatted while they ate. Ella scarfed hers down quickly! That little bundle of joy inside her made her very hungry.


We’ve got a baby arriving!! A panicking father and a nervous new mother arrived at the hospital to meet with the doctor.


The doctor didn’t seem very skilled with this machine…


Welcome to Charles Charming, the first of his name and defender-to-be of the Charming family!


Ella got right back on her feet to see her new child. Prince was a little concerned about the skin color…


Turns out it is just a flaw with a custom skin tone.

Ella got right back to work the next day, leaving Charles with his father. She couldn’t wait to tell her coworkers about her baby.


She seems to really like the medical field!


When her shift was over (she even stayed late!) she got promoted to Orderly! We can finally afford a real toilet and move some things inside!


The Charmings decided to celebrate the best way they knew how… in their new bed!


Prince got a promotion the next day and the family got to buy a stove! Ella practiced with mac & cheese.


She was a little more distracted than she should’ve been and didn’t make it to the bathroom in time…


Our little black bundle has aged into a toddler…


And after his makeover, made a huge mess in his room!


Yep! Looks like Ella is pregnant again!


Prince is such a family man. He has spent every free moment with Charles.


He is so happy that they were expecting again! Charles just wants the mac & cheese his mother has.


Look who has learned how to crawl down stairs!


Bathing a toddler can be messy… and wet.


An exhausted Ella is in labor again, off to the hospital!


A beautiful (dark) baby girl! We have our heir! (I am also removing some CC skins to fix this…)


After Ella came home from work after the hospital, she was greeted by a very happy, Charles.


That night, Ella and Prince fulfilled their soulmate aspiration by becoming best friends!


Our little heir, Snow Charming aged up into a toddler and got a makeover! What is it with makeovers and messes? She actually turned out to be very cute!


Until next chapter!



The Disney Bachelor Challenge: Chapter 4

Welcome back to our fourth and FINAL chapter of the Disney Bachelor Challenge. Our remaining contestants mingled with some drinks after the last elimination. We surprised them with a trip to Granite Falls for some camping. It would be good to get them out of the house for a few days.


Cinderella was finding the game harder and harder. She was really in love with Prince and couldn’t stand seeing him with the other girls. Once they arrived at their cabin, she went to cry under the covers.


Of course we had to have a fire while cooking fish tacos… luckily everyone is used to fires by now and they sprang into action instead of panicking.


Prince noticed that Cinderella was feeling down, so he went to comfort her.


He comforted her really well…


After all that comforting, he went down to try the fish tacos… unfortunately he got sick and we had to cut our vacation short. Once he was feeling better, he decided to spend some one-on-one time with Belle.


Their first kiss led to some exploring in the bushes…


Some random kissing with Cinderella ensued when they got back to the house.


Ariel definitely didn’t like to see that and she gave Prince a piece of her mind.


Elimination time! Prince seems to be in the dog house with Belle as well.


Cinderella was still blowing them out of the water and they seem to really be in love with each other.


Even though Belle was upset with him, she was still very high up in the competition. He gave her a comforting hug.


Two ladies remain…


And even though she is mad at him, Ariel takes the rose.


Rapunzel seems heartbroken…


Another portrait off the wall. Three remain.


Prince is having a rough time as well..


Some karaoke with Belle might snap him out of his funk!


Solo Date Challenge Time! The girls will be making vanilla cupcakes. Whosoever completes their batch first will be the winner… Umm Ariel, do you not want to win this? Better get moving!


Ariel finally started her cupcakes, but not in time! Cinderella really wants this date with Prince!


And she takes the… CAKE!


MMM those look good, Ella!


Prince sat down to try the cupcakes after the entire penthouse smelled like icing.


Cinderella and Prince’s solo date was at a beautiful country club.


The two really seem to love each other.


Prince couldn’t continue… he knew who he would choose.. He got down on one knee…


And proposed to his love, right then and there!!


When did he pick up that rock??


They look so happy… now back to the house to spread the news.


Ariel looks crushed.


Belle wasn’t convinced that this was part of the game… how could he just drop her and Ariel like that?


Fast forward a couple weeks and Prince and Cinderella are becoming Mr. and Mrs. Charming!


We invited all of the contestants for a chance to wish them love and voice their objections should they have any… doesn’t look like Snow minds…


Rapunzel is still a little sore about being booted from top three…


Ariel seems to have moved on and looks genuinely happy for the Charmings.


The last portrait remaining.


Prince Charming and Cinderella Glass, now Mr. and Mrs. Charming have completed the Bachelor challenge and are now moving onto a Legacy Challenge. We have moved them out from the Penthouse Suit and onto an empty 50×50 lot in Willow Creek. Stay tuned for our Legacy!




The Disney Bachelor Challenge: Chapter 3

Welcome back to Chapter 3! We’ve just said goodbye to our second contestant, Merida.


After elimination, Prince joined Ariel in the pool for a little one-on-one time.


He needed to clear his head after his time in the pool with Ariel, not a good idea to get too hung up on one girl in this competition. He decided to try out the treadmill in the gym.


Prince was very energized after his run so he decided to practice making drinks at the bar. Belle walked by, eyeing him with interest.


And that was when the fire started… come on people, we were doing so well!!


Jasmine and the butler quickly sprang into action, putting out Ariel and the fire.


Ariel, Rapunzel, and Belle needed to clear their heads after the fire, so they Namaste-d out on the balcony.


It is time for the solo date challenge! Whoever paints the most expensive Large, Classic painting will be the winner.



Belle’s painting was worth $78. Ariel’s was $87.


Jasmine’s drew $77. Rapunzel’s painting was worth $100! And Cinderella’s only drew $70.


The winner, no surprise here, is Rapunzel, the painter!


Prince took Rapunzel to Planet Honey Pop! in the Fashion District for their date.


The two of them flirted and drank some liquid courage before getting up to preform.


They weren’t very good… surprising for Rapunzel.. Perhaps it was her partner.


Once back from the solo-date and a few needs taken care of, Prince was hungry. He decided to take his girls out for their group date to this trendy little restaurant.


Chili was the chef’s recommendation, so Prince ordered for the table.


After dinner, the group returned to the house to have another dance party.


Jasmine was not happy with Prince flirting with Rapunzel, right in front of her…


Elimination time!


Cinderella was still going strong with the highest score… she is blowing everyone else out of the water.


Ariel has fallen a little since last time, but she is still the second in line.


The solo date went well for Prince and Rapunzel, ending with a gold score.


Jasmine looks worried, Belle is once again in the bottom two…


But she is still safe!


Jasmine shouldn’t have let her hot-headed jealousy get into this game… it dropped their relationship way down and she was eliminated. Sorry Jazz!


Another portrait down and four remain… will Cinderella go all the way, or will Ariel and Rapunzel creep up on her? Peep Merida trying to get back in the house in the corner. Sorry Mer, you’ve been eliminated and won’t get a chance to speak with Prince until after he chooses…

Until next time!

The Disney Bachelor Challenge: Chapter 2


Welcome back to chapter two of our Disney Bachelor Challenge. Our first solo date challenge is about to begin. The girls will be competing in a yoga routine standoff. The first girl to successfully complete an Energy Centering Yoga Routine will be the winner!


Rapunzel was the first girl to develop an odor… and they aren’t even doing hot yoga!


She soon gave up…


Solo date or not… I’m going to shower!


Snow was the next girl out, followed quickly by Jasmine.


Ariel was the first to actually finish her routine and become Energized. She will be going our first solo date with Prince Charming!


Since Ariel loved sushi, Prince took her to this quaint little Japanese Restaurant at the edge of town.


The date was starting off very well… our contestants flirting up a storm.


Ariel loved her colorful sushi dish! Prince… not so much, the tentacles rising out of the bubbly rice was a little unappetizing.


The date went well and the contestants returned home and my computer decided to not cooperate with taking pictures and I missed the group date and the entire elimination…. Unfortunately the first princess was the Princess that was sent home. Bye bye Snow White!


After the elimination, Prince chatted up Merida, poolside while the other girls slept off their anxiety.


The next day, fun-levels were low so we had a dance party! Prince sure does love to dance.


It was time for our next solo date challenge. This time the girls would be trimming bonsai trees. The first one done will be the winner!


Cinderella was the first girl to win, not surprising since she loves gardening. She was followed closely by Belle, but we can only have one winner!


Prince seems quite taken with Cinderella. They got their first kiss and scored a gold on their date!


Once again, I missed the pictures of the group date and we are going straight into elimination. The contestants are dressed in their best and are anxious to get this over with.


No surprise here, Cinderella got the first rose and her place secured for another episode.


Ariel was safe as well as the second highest score.


Sultry Jasmine had third place.


Rapunzel was biting her nails, but she is also safe.


It was down to Belle and Merida. Belle’s sweet self was safe for another episode, although she better step-up her game.


Merida seems shocked that she will be going home. She thought things were going well, and indeed the Prince does like her, but not enough in THAT way…


Another portrait gone… four to go to find True Love. Until Next Time!



The Disney Bachelor Challenge

Welcome to the Bachelor: Disney Edition. I hope you are ready to see a magical, steamy, and drama filled season. After searching the Maxisworld we have selected eight contestants who wish to find their true love. No genies here! The contestants will compete for a chance to win solo dates with our eligible bachelor and one lucky lady will leave here with a husband.

Before we meet our contestants, let’s take a look at where they will be staying.


This lovely luxury penthouse has been altered from the architect’s original in order to suit our show. It was built by the lovely Sharon337 from The Sims Resource. Find it here: https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-lots-residential/title/luxury-penthouse/id/1358543/



The Bachelor’s Penthouse sits atop the Torendi Tower in San Myshuno, a tall and trendy city in the Maxisworld. Breathtaking views surround the penthouse and floor to ceiling windows let in the light.

The elevator opens onto a luxurious dining room with open access to the gourmet kitchen.



A portrait wall introduces our contestants. We will meet them shortly.


Our first challenge will be for a solo date with our bachelor. It looks like it will be some sort of yoga challenge. We hope our contestants get in some practice before then.


Our bachelor likes to be outdoors, so we’ve made sure there are plenty of open-aired spaces for him to romance our girls.


Speaking of our bachelor, this is his room. A dark sanctuary. A dark bathroom attaches to it. Hopefully someone will get to try out the massage table. Happy endings are allowed here!


A gym will allow our contestants to take out some frustrations.


We’ve added in some fun with a karaoke station right next to a fully stocked bar!


The girls will share rooms, three and four to a room with two bathrooms between the seven of them. The bachelor’s room will remain locked to them.. unless they are invited in of course.

Let’s move on to meeting our contestants. Once upon a time there was a prince looking for love. His name of course… is Prince Charming!


Prince Charming has a soulmate aspiration with the alluring trait attached to that. In fact all of our contestants share the same aspiration and of course have the romantic trait attached. Our Prince is also self-assured and family oriented.

Our first contestant is the first princess, Snow White Apple!


Our Snow is a music lover and she loves the outdoors. She is looking to get away from the seven little men that control her life and find love for herself.

Next we have Cinderella Glass.


This beautiful blonde has had a rough life since her father died, leaving her with an evil stepmother and two wicked stepsisters. In spite of her troubles, Cinderella is cheerful and has had plenty of practice with cleaning, making her a neat freak as well.

Ariel Fish is our resident water lover.


Ariel has a bit of an overbearing but loving father who is extremely picky about the men she dates. Ariel is one of those cheerful, active people who loves working out.

Continuing the lineup is Belle Beastie.


Belle lives with her father, currently. She is tired of being chased by her town’s resident sleeze, Gaston. Maybe marrying Prince Charming will throw him off this good, bookworm’s scent.

This sultry beauty is Jasmine Tiger.


Jasmine wants to be able to pick her own husband. Her father has been threatening to marry her off to the next person who asks for her hand and Jasmine wants to find real love. It doesn’t help that she is jealous and hot-headed.

One of our youngest girls is Rapunzel Tower.


Rapunzel has been very sheltered by her mother. She wants to get out and see the world and hopefully find love along the way. She has a creative streak but can also be a bit childish.

Our last contestant is another fiery redhead, Merida Bear.


Merida is another of our girls who’s parents are trying to marry off. Merida is looking for her own love, not one that is picked for her. She is very self-assured and loves to be active.

Our Prince wasted no time in getting to know these lovely ladies. He sat down to have a conversation with Snow White once we were done explaining the rules to everyone.


Everyone else had left the room to explore the house, but then Ariel saw Prince talking to Snow and wasn’t going to let her get a leg up (no pun intended) in the game.


“Hey there! What are we talking about?”

Merida’s head was also in the game. She saw the three talking and rejoined the group.


Seems like Cinderella, Belle, and Jasmine are trying to form an alliance.

“Maybe if we bake him cupcakes he will like us more than the others!”


Sorry ladies, alliances don’t really help in this game of love… but maybe we are wrong.

“Oh Rapunzel! We were just discussing cupcakes! Not plotting! We weren’t plotting!”


Prince was getting peckish so he decided it might be nice to make dinner for everyone.


While the girls waited for dinner, some of them sat around the fire pit, chatting each other up and trying to find each other’s weaknesses.


Cinderella got a little too close to the fire with her stick and managed to catch two of the chairs on fire, singeing herself a little.


While everyone else ran from the flames, Merida jumped up and grabbed the fire extinguisher and put out the danger.


“Be more careful, Cinderella!”

Once they were all somewhat calm again, most of the group sat down to dinner with Prince. Cinderella was fuming a bit that she was the one to catch on fire.. she had slept near the fireplace most of her life! She’d always thought she was fire-retardant.


After dinner, the not quite extinguished coals started another fire. This time, Snow White was able to extinguish the flames while everyone else was panicking.


After all the fires, everyone was a bit stressed and exhausted. They turned in for the night.


After a third fire started we finally decided that maybe having a fire pit on top of a windy building was not the best idea… so we removed it.


This will bring chapter one to a close. Hopefully we don’t have anymore fires in the chapters to follow. Chapter two will include our first solo date challenge as well as our first group date and elimination.

Happy Reading!